Green Policies

As the leading Printing Company, we strongly believes that sustainable development is an integral and essential part of a successful business. Top management and the employees of New World Print acknowledge to share the responsibility to care the environment , to use the natural resources efficiently and to  meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In recognition of the crucial role  of  sustainability, we determinedly establish green policy which articulates New World Print's commitment to implement environmentally friendly and economic printing processes. The policy applies to all levels of employees of New World Print.

In order to meet the sustainable goals , we are committed to  

  • Continually keep abreast of innovative sustainability in printing technology.
  • Endorse the environmentally, socially and economically responsible practices in our printing processes.
  • Ensure to meet or exceed the customer's satisfaction.
  • Implement the resource stewardship and effective waste management system through 3Rs( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) practices.
  • Promote the continuing awareness towards sustainability in the workplace through the in-house training program(s).
  • Regularly review and make  our sustainable policy available to public stakeholders.




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