Backlit Posters

To take an image and then dramatically backlight it increases its visual appeal, creates stopping power and improves the viewer’s retention level.  Advances in both light box designs and illumination technologies have allowed us to use backlit graphics in exciitng new applications previously thought not possible; at sizes that now approach billboard sizes.

Our various digital print technologies offer a broad scope of inks and media, from a simple transit backlit sign to a massive flex vinyl, backlit signs, indoor or outdoors, printed either first surface and now the second surface, offers rich enhanced colours with long superior lasting colour fastness.


Our screen printing print program allows “back to back” printing, (4/2 or 4/4), with exceptional registration. This superior printing method, ideal for TSA’s, means that the saturated image is seen equally well in both normal daylight viewing, (front), and illuminated back lighting at night.

We can also now offer a more affordable transparency option to Duratrans. Using new technologies and media, we offer a comparable digital product, called TRANSFLEX, which compares favourably to the traditional photographic transparency, up to 60” wide and 125’ long.

We are now just introducing backlit fabrics. Our dye sublimation printing allows 10' wide high resolution images for mounting into illuminated frames. This is a refreshing new option for POP display, adding a more conducive aesthetic for retail decor, special events and presentation centres.


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