Transit Advertising

Whether following a bus while driving your car, walking along when a bus passes you by, waiting in a bus shelter to catch a bus or while just sitting on a bus, one thing is for sure, you have probably read one of our transit ads. In fact, it’s safe to say you have probably seen quite a few of ours.

Over the past decade we have worked with many groups satisfying their various needs for transit advertising. From the small backlit interior signs, to the exterior bus kings and kongs, to their cousin the tail king, right up to sophisticated full bus wraps, we have done them all. Our variety of printing options allow us to do quality short run, on demand jobs or regional and national variable data print programs or any other special prerequisite. Our colour management programs are customized to maximize unique transit media characteristics for consistency and durability.

One particular specialty we pride ourselves in is backlit transparencies for platform and bus shelter light boxes. Unlike other print providers, our recent new print technologies allow us to do double sided printing with perfect registration onto the transparent media. Our bold colours, saturation and fine detailed text are equally eye popping and easy to read when viewing in both daylight and night time viewing.

Give us your ideas and we will present them in a manner which will pay tribute to your message.



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