Screen Printing


Our  roots started with the tried and true process of screen printing. However, the recent evolution, (perhaps revolution?), of both digital image capture and digital printing temporarily pushed the art of screen printing into the background. Yet, perhaps more so today than ever before, screen printing still provides you with the most cost effective print process available today and continues to grow as a major print process.

As a matter of fact, this same digital  technology has now impacted the traditional screen process.

SUPERIOR VERSATILITY: Remember the old days when screen printing was only cost effective with large runs and quantities? No more! Whether it's 30 or 25,000 impressions, our new screen technology allows much shorter runs with improved lower cost benefits to you than ever before. We can do short run, long run and everything in between.

SUPERIOR REGISTRATION: The superior resolution with our CST laser produced screens, combined with our computerized THEIME four color in-line and M&R six colur screen printers allows even more accurate registration resulting in further enhanced resolution.

SUPERIOR RESOLUTION: Because we directly laser the image onto the screen, we have considerably more finite control on the four colour process. No more traditional films or wax. We create screens faster, more accurately and with no process flaws, exposure variants and resultant re-do's.

SUPERIOR IMAGING: Combine both the improved registration and resolution and you now have a printed product that borders on being almost continuous tone. Vibrant long lasting colors, perceptible tonal ranges in both highlights and blacks; sharp images with clean edged small sized fonts. This is true digital screen printing at its best!

SUPERIOR OPTIONS: One thing is to have a better image. It's quite another thing to utilize it. Our screen printing program offers you an assortment of print options galore.


     We can print on media up to ¼" thick

    We can print back to back with perfect registration

    We can print up to a 100 line screen

    We can do four or six colors with spot colors

    We can do metallic, spot varnishes and floods

    We can do most Pantones effortlessly

     We offer new variable data options

     We offer sophisticated die cutting choices

SUPERIOR SUPPORT:  At New World Print we pride ourselves in providing exceptional expertise in all the critical aspects of screen printing.  After all, when one makes such a large investment in leading edge print technology it has to surely be complimented with leading edge support and service. Our screen production group is probably the best trained in the business. But, again, they have to be. The proud ownership of the very best in screen printing equipment alone is not enough. One must also invest in the training and expertise to maximize its benefits; one has to be extremely erudite and proficient when using it.

We pride ourselves that we are one of the few North American screen printers using this advanced combination of screen printing technology. We are strongly moving forward and thereby offering you, what we strongly believe, is the preeminent screen print product in Western Canada.


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